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At Jobsthrone, we take job hiring as a serious business.

Our approach is simple: We train potential staff in our JSV program, give them certificates and good jobs. Not only that, we mentor, evaluate and protect our staff sent to these companies/organizations for at least six months.
We also have a system of monthly and weekly performance report for our client organization. Click on the contact link at the base of this page to apply for staff if you are a Job Employer. Click here to download our Job Hiring Proposal

Pictures below show JSV Candidates recieving their certificates of Training

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Agriculture Career
Automobile Career
Aviation and Travel Career
Banking and Finance Career
Civil Engineering Career
Consultancy Career
Education Career
Electrical Engineering Career
Entertainment Career
Government Career
Hotel Service Career
ICT Career
Legal Service Career
Logistics Service Career NEW
Manufacturing Career
Marketing Career NEW
Mechanical Engineering Career
Medical Service Career
Military Service Career
Office Admin and HR Career NEW
Oil and Gas Career
Press and Media Career
Religion Career
Shipping and Export Career
Sports Career
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